Cloud Backup

Cloud-first backup with zero hardware

Servers, Workstations, Azure VM’s, Windows, MAC, Linux, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Kubernetes, Xero & Quickbooks Online all in one platform.

One app to protect them all

Smarter cloud data backup, with zero hardware required, to protect servers and endpoints, cloud-native environments and SaaS business apps. 

Deploy in minutes and benefit from AI-powered malware detection, which helps ensure malware-free recoveries, AI-powered data insights, which identify gaps in protection and data tagging, which identifies sensitive and highly sensitive data, and where it is stored.

Backup infrastructure, cloud-native workloads and SaaS-based data through a single app. Get backup up and running in minutes, with no hardware required and benefit from the ability to scale infinitely and instantly with ease.  

Our services feature simple pricing with no bandwidth or recovery fees and all service features such as AI-powered malware detection, data insights and data tagging are included by default.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Back up OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, OneNote, Class and Staff Notebooks data today. Restore malware-free Microsoft 365 data in the event of deletion.

Safeguard your critical files and folders on Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, and OneNote (including Class and Staff Notebooks) data seamlessly from Microsoft to the our cloud. Restore files instantly, avoiding downtime and ensuring business continuity.


Recover Microsoft Office 365 files instantly

Using our innovative InstantData™ technology enables businesses to swiftly resume their operations within minutes by providing instant recovery of any file.

Users can begin working on the files while the remaining backup files are being recovered in the background. Recovered files can immediately be accessed, modified, and saved by anyone with access to the recovery location, just like the original files.


OneDrive Backup

OneDrive Backup

Our Microsoft Office 365 backup service offering encompasses the capability to back up and restore OneDrive. This service allows you to back up and recover your OneDrive files securely. Whether you need to recover the entire OneDrive data or a specific item, you have the flexibility to restore it back to its original location or transfer it to a new location as per your requirements.

SharePoint Backup

SharePoint Backup

Within our Microsoft Office 365 backup service offering includes backing up and restoring SharePoint. With this service, you can back up and restore Sharepoint files. You can back up and recover all files and document library files, recover all documents into existing document libraries, and site documents to the original or new location.

Exchange Backup

Exchange Backup

Our comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 backup service includes backing up and restoring Exchange Mail. With this service, you can back up and restore shared and archived mailboxes, calendars, and contacts and restore single items or multiple mailboxes.

Teams Backup

Teams Backup

Our Microsoft Office 365 backup service offering includes backing up and restoring Teams. With this service, you can back up and restore teams, both public and private channels, posts, files, and tabs metadata. Furthermore, you can recover Teams data as a whole, either returning it to its original location, transferring it to a new team, or restoring individual items to their original location.

OneNote Backup

OneDrive Backup

With our Microsoft Office 365 backup service offering includes backing up and restoring OneNote (including Class and Staff Notebooks). With this service, you can back up and restore Notebooks, including files. You can recover OneNote data as a whole or a single item, returning it to its original location.

Ensure malware-free data recoveries.

We utilise cutting-edge AI-powered technology to safeguard your Microsoft Office 365 data. Our malware detection is designed to neutralise potentially harmful files before they can wreak havoc.

We thoroughly scrutinise any newly added or modified files for any signs of malware. This way, we can pre-emptively identify and eliminate any threats, protecting your backup data.

If any malicious files are detected, they are quickly isolated and kept in quarantine.

Data sovereignty

We assist customers in complying with the necessary regulations by supporting region-based data processing and storage.  

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