Hosted Telephony

Enterprise features with a rolling 30 day contract. We are that confident in our service and support we only offer 30 day contracts.


Who needs 2500 or 5000 minutes free with every extension? Its not really free, its just bundled into your extension price. What does this mean, it means your paying for them !!

For example:
If you have 10 extension with 2500 minutes per extension per month included , that’s 25,000 minutes…. and you are paying for them.


Cloud telephone systems provides businesses with greater flexibility than ever before, providing a cost-effective, agile and secure business cloud telephony solutions. The service can be fully managed, which is flexible and scalable and can accommodate organisations of all sizes.

Cost-effective Business Cloud Telephony Solutions

Cloud telephone solutions eliminate the need for costly infrastructure as the system is hosted within a highly secure, state-of-the-art data centre that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

No more costly upgrades to your business telephone. Our team take care of the entire process and will deal with call routing and switching and the ongoing support of your businesses cloud telephony solutions. This gives you complete peace of mind that it’s being monitored and managed by communication specialists.

Business cloud based telephony systems provide a set of feature-rich facilities without having to purchase a full telephone system giving you potential efficiency gains, without compromise. This technology is flexible and enables seamless integration for businesses of all sizes.

There are minimal set-up costs and you have access to a wide range of features.


The Benefits of Business Cloud Telephony

Instant Service
Cost effective
Feature Packed
Use Everywhere

Traditional desk-phone, mobile phone using an App or a SoftPhone on your Laptop whilst on the go.

Teams Integration

If you spend your life in Microsoft Teams, we can integrate your telephony seamlessly into Teams allowing you to use Teams as your interface on your computer.

Home/Remote Workers
Telephone Number Retention
Business continuity

Teams Integration, Unlimited Call Recording, Enhanced Conferencing & Meeting Rooms, PCI/MiFID II Compliance, Insights, User Insights, Call Insights to monitor for aggressive callers etc.

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