Scott Vieira

What is your job at Radius Tech Solutions?

My primary role is in software development, however I do help out with the IT duties at busier times.

Why did you choose a career in IT?

My dad was always interested in computers and technology and so I naturally fell into a career working in the same area. I then decided to migrate to software development because I find it more challenging and enjoyable, I am project focused and so take satisfaction in completing a specific task.

What is your favourite piece of technology and why?

This may be a simple answer but a fridge! Such a simple concept but it keeps things like beer and chocolate cold! I am actually quite simplistic in my approach to technology, I think its important not to overcomplicate your needs!

What is the most common problem you see clients facing?

One of the most common problems I see is clients using software that doesn’t fit their size and doesn’t match up with their company requirements.

What experience do you have in your field?

I have a degree in general computing and over 20 years of experience working in this service field. I have specialised in software development for over 10 years.

Do you have any specialisms that could benefit clients?

My specialism is software development, I aim to satisfy clients need in the most efficient and simplistic way.

What do you do outside of work?

I have a number of hobbies including reading, fishing, and more recently I have gotten into caravanning! I find it important to be able to switch off after work and enjoy spending time relaxing with family and friends.